Saturday, December 25, 2010

More New Lambs!

So I've been busy preparing for Christmas dinner at our house, and have been remiss at posting photos. Marcia had twin ram lambs; Comet and Cupid, Shirley had twin ram lambs, Rudolph and Hermey, and Angel had her ram lamb, Bumble just today.

Yes, if you add up all the posts, that means 9 lambs, and only ONE is a ewe!! So I am still waiting for Prancer and Vixen. I just can't name a ram lamb Vixen!

Here are the photos!

Here is Marcia's Comet (he looks a lot like Blitzen!)

And this is Cupid. He was so soft and fuzzy, I had to name him Cupid.
Shirley gave birth to two very big ram lambs, we thought she had triplets again! Anyhow, this one is Hermey. Google it, and you'll get where the name comes from.
And here is Rudolph! Just in time for Christmas, look at that little pink nose! I really really really was hoping this one would be a ewe lamb. He's so cute! And I'd love to keep another ewe from Shirley, but alas, the odds are stacked against us... another ram lamb! Still adorable anyhow!

Last but not least, I was coming in from doing the chores today, and just happened to take one last peek in the barn at the sheep. There was Angel, laying on her side (not a normal position) and I saw two little hooves poking out from her back side. I climbed in the stall, sat down, and watched. She really struggled, since this was her first. But she didn't take nearly as long as some others I have watched. She wasn't too stressed out by my presence, as she is one of the few that likes to be petted. But eventually, Bumble tumbled out. He got up pretty quickly, but Angel was pretty dazed. While Bumble ambled about, meeting all his fellow lambs, eventually, Angel realized something was going on, and quickly found him and started to clean him off. They are off to a great start, he's eating well, and all is good in the world of lambs. Great job, Angel!