Friday, January 7, 2011

We finally have a Vixen!

So I have been swamped again, and haven't kept up with updates... 5 more lambs have been born - and finally another ewe. Out of 14 lambs, only 2 are ewes! That is definitely a statistical anomaly...


Here we have Velma, and her little one, Nick. He's a handsome little ram lamb. I really adore his markings.

And Lucy gave birth to twins, Yukon and Cornelius. Unfortunately, it was a cold day, the day after they were born, and Larry opened the barn, and we went off to work. Little Cornelius was small when he was born, and apparently, he couldn't find mama in the snow. When Larry got home from work, he was almost frozen. He needed to come inside to warm up. So he got to spend some time inside by the fire, drinking from a bottle. THat also meant that his mama wasn't too keen on his new smell, and she has abandoned him. Now he requires bottle feeding, which is tricky when we work all day, but he's going to be OK.
This is Cornelius' brother, Yukon. He is thriving with his mom, and much larger than Cornelius.
And then, just today, Cindy dropped her lambs. This is little Prancer. Another ram lamb.
And finally, I got another ewe lamb! This is vixen, just moments after being born! She is all white!