Friday, February 18, 2011

Fat Alice

So we have a sheep we call Fat Cindy. It turns out she was never fat, after we finally sheared her, she just had a lot of wool. Really, none of our sheep are fat. But poor Alice - she's the shortest of our sheep from shoulders to hips. So when she gets pregnant, the babies have no where to go but sideways.

We had our first lambs this time around in December. Alice was so big, we thought she would give birth first. And we kept expecting it to happen. We have 15 pregnant ewes. There are only 3 left that haven't given birth. Alice is one of them. I thought she was going to go yesterday, she was making funny noises, and seemed to want to be in a stall, even though the sun was out. Nope. It was Trouble (giving us trouble).

So I tried to get some pictures, because I really really can't believe how big she is. She had twins last time. I honestly believe she has triplets now. She's got two huge saddle bags on each side, and is hanging pretty low in the middle. When she lays down, like in this image, she looks like 3 sheep squished together. I can't believe how big she is!!