Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicks and an Incubator

My ducks arrived last week! Look at how cute they are! Goodness, they stick together. NOW I need to finish their duck house for when they are ready to move outdoors. AND I need to get a baby pool for them!

This is my second little turkey. He gets to go to the brooder with the rest of the little turkeys in the morning. i wanted to give him a few days to get his strength up, and get some food and water in him so that he's ready to run around with some that are a bit older than he is.
But there will be many more baby birds in our future! THis is my new incubator. A big improvement over the 3-egg little one I have (though I love my little mini incubator)
I've got 6 turkey eggs inside, and 2 trays of chicken eggs - about 80 or so. I plan on adding new turkey eggs each week - as many as the ladies will lay, and just keep hatching them!
In order to move all the other birds outside, we had to finish a hoop house. I can't believe we managed to finish this in only a few hours. I'll have to take pictures of the finished product, we almost have the second one completed, too. Much faster than the PVC version which required a lot of time waiting for glue to dry. This one just has brackets and some tek screws - the longest bit was sewing the billboard tarp to fit. But we have 2 ready to go. Lots of room for little birdies to grow until they are ready for their big birdie house.