Monday, June 20, 2011

The Blog is Fancy All of a Sudden!

I got tired of waiting for our real website to get completed. Larry has to show me how to log into the Linux machine that hosts it (as well as tell me what my password is!)  And at the end of the day, after cooking dinner, collecting eggs, rounding up animals, watering the gardens, pulling some weeds and spending time with our 2 year old, not only do I not have time for the website (and the server is in the basement, and it's creepy down there)  I don't even have time for fun things I like to do for myself, like biking ro playing guitar.

SO, until we get the time to put the website together, I took advantage of all the tools available here on the blog. Dig it.

Free free to send us feedback, or let us know what's missing from the site!  And someday, we'll launch a real website, and we'll probably throw a party because of it!  It will be hosted at, which, right now, points back to this blog.  :)