Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Farm is Going to the Birds!

There is much more going on with the farm right now than just birds, but they seem to take up most of our time! Our garden seems to be a bit successful this year, though maybe a bit slow on the uptake. But we have had several salads with lettuce and radishes from the garden. I manage to be able to grow the heck out of lettuce, not bad! Really hoping the tomatoes continue to grow. They look great. I should take some pictures.

But until I do, here are some bird pictures!

I have a whole mess of birds, all different breeds. And I have several different roosters, including 4 that are mixed from straight breeds. So when I hatch, who knows what I get, like this little creamsicle looking chick. Isn't she pretty?

My new incubator? Well... it works! out of 86 eggs, I had 54 successful hatches, 3 partial hatches that didn't survive, 11 duds, and the rest didn't hatch. I need to look into why I had such a great fertility rate and so many chicks that developed, but just didn't get out of the egg.

I've had 3 turkey eggs hatch. Here's the first, outside keeping the littler turkeys company. The other two didn't survive. One was born with a very disfigured leg and couldn't move, the other was handled by my 2 year old. Yes, people, 2 year olds can squeeze little animals too tight.

I have 7 eggs in my incubator that should have hatched on Sunday. They haven't, and I don't know why. SO I am struggling to actually hatch turkeys, of course, since my hens aren't laying much, that doesn't help either.
We hatched some birds a while ago, and most of them are black. One turned out to be orange, she intially looked like an Araucana, but she came from a brown egg. WE used to call her the Non-Araucana Araucana, now I call her Special Orange.
And since it is NOT all about the birds, here is Pinky, our barn cat. She used to be terribly agoraphobic, but she now comes outside the barn on her own. She hates all the birds in the barn, and aside from chicks in the brooder, we are working to get all the adult birds out of the barn! She'll appreciate that for sure.