Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pinky is Missing

Our agoraphobic barn cat (who only recently discovered the joy of the sun and the sky) is now missing. She started coming out of the barn for the first time this spring, peaking out through the door. Eventually, she started coming out to the yard. I would find her at night by the grain bins, meowing at me for attention. She loves being petted, but watch out, she likes to give love bites on your chin.

We couldn't find her last night, and no sight of her this morning.  She's spayed, so she isn't off somewhere having kittens. I just hope she didn't get too adventurous one night and meet our coyote friends. I'll give her a week to show back up, and then we might have to find a new barn cat.

Aside from Boo, who is a great hunter and kills all sorts of things, Pinky was a sweety, and so pretty. She kept the barn clean of mice, and didn't hurt the baby chicks, which is pretty darn important!  So I am thinking happy thoughts today and hoping that Pinky just went off on an adventure and that she'll be back tonight.