Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Surprise Chicks!

Friend Bird is one of my favorite chickens. I named her Friend Bird because she always comes out to say hi. She has moved from the truck to the barn to the turkey shed. We've been trying to get everyone to the truck, but chickens are stubborn. So I hadn't noticed she wasn't greeting me. She apparently found shelter somewhere else, about 3 weeks ago, apparently. She brought out her baby chicks for breakfast this morning! WOW! I would have thought if she was hiding somewhere that the coyotes or skunks would have gotten her by now. I am so glad they didn't! She's my favorite chicken! And now she has babies. Can't wait to see them grow up to try and figure out who their papa is...

We've never had chickens brood their own chicks before. I have some broody girls, but was always afraid if they hatched their chicks in the egg boxes in their house, that the other chickens might be mean to the eggs or the hatchlings. So I am glad we had an opportunity for nature to take its course. We'll see how these guys all grow up together!