Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friend Bird

So Friend Bird had her chickies, and here is an updated picture.
(here they are the day we found them, newly hatched)

Here are Friend Bird and her babies today. We moved them to the barn, but the chicks are big enough to hop up the step out of the barn. we make sure that all three and momma are back in the barn at night.

 We also got a pair of Welsh Harlequin ducks. Here they are in the brooder in the barn. They have since been moved outside with the Khaki Campbells, and all are well outside. They huddle together in their tent at night, and all have been enjoying the extra water from the ditch, as it has formed a swamp in the garden. We provided them with a baby pool but they seem to enjoy the large puddles and streams from the water coming off the ditch.