Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodbye Veronica

Yesterday, 3 sheep jumped the fence into the chicken enclosure, and apparently got stuck there all day while we were at the farmer's market. They probably ate all the chicken feed, and drank all the water (one got knocked over) and then they didn't jump back out. So they were stuck out there with little water, and little shade all day. I got them out, and they went straight to the barn and stayed there. This morning, Larry found Veronica dead by the barn. The other two, Peppermint Patty and Fat Cindy don't look very well. We tubed Cindy to relieve some of the pressure, and we will likely need to do it again. Neither of them are eating or drinking, which is a bad sign. Peppermint Patty ran away from us, and if she could run the way she did, she might be ok. But we are keeping an eye on both of them. I'm happy to tube them if it will save their lives.

Veronica was one of Laverne's ewe lambs. And have I ever mentioned that Laverne was one of our first and favorite sheep?  She gave us Betty and Veronica. Thankfully we still have Betty, so there is a legacy of Laverne, but I had high hopes for Veronica. Veronica had similar markings to Laverne - very tiny spots all over. none of our other sheep look like that. Betty got two BIG spots, she doesn't really look a lot like her mom, but Veronica did.

Larry is taking her to dispose of her as I type this. She was a very little girl, just barely over a year old. I would hate to lose her. I hate to lose all my sheep. I really hope we can save the other two.