Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birds and Thoughts of Spring

Just taking some random photos today.

 This is Mr. Belvedere. He is our tom from last year, trying to impress some of the new girls from this year.

This is Rooster Man. I segregated him with two of his hens (Speckled Sussex) and hatched about 6 chicks that were sussex. I am looking forward to hatching many more this spring.

 Here is one of the Speckleds that I hatched earlier this year!
This is Gorgeous George, and I have 2 hens of his breed (silver laced, red wyandotte, I got them at the 4H fair)  I am looking forward to breeding them this spring, too!

 This is one of Gorgeous George's hens
This is why turkeys are a pain in the butt.

 These are our youngest turks. Likely to be breeding stock for next year because they are so small, they won't be ready for Thanksgiving
Here is part of my duck flock. They are running away because they don't like when I come near. 
 Remember the three little chicks my Spangled Hamburg hatched on her own in the spring? Here's 2 of them now! They are all grown up, and still hang out together. Though I think 2 of them are roos...
 The guy in the front is one of the turkeys I hatched myself. Definitely part Black Spanish, and I think part Royal Palm, but who really knows.