Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Early Snow

I don't sleep well on nights like last night. Although I got an extra hour of sleep since the power went out and my alarm didn't go off.

We busted our butts yesterday getting ready for the storm. Larry disharged the sprinkler system and pumped out the irrigation system - to ensure no pipe cracks all away around. We patched up some holes in the greenhouse in hopes of protecting my newly sprouted lettuce. The tomatoes were all in decline already, so I picked what I could, in the hopes some would still ripen in a window sill. I cut down all the basil, because I'd hate to see it wilted and ruined. Looks like we are having pesto for dinner tonight!

I also picked all the rest of the turnips outside, so they wouldn't get ruined. They had stopped growing, but were hanging out nicely in the soil. I fed all the greens to the sheep as an extra treat.

We scooped up all the egg layers and made sure they went to sleep inside their truck house, instead of under it or in bushes. We searched for any errant birds and made sure they went to the turkey shed or the barn. EXCEPT the big turkeys that sleep in the trees. We got down the ones we could reach, but most sleep high in an aspen tree, and we couldn't reach them!

The young birds and meat birds still had their tent on the ground. I really wanted to stick a heat lamp in there, and admit I didn't have the nerve to check on them this morning. Larry claims that they would be OK, as the tent stays pretty warm with all of them in there, and being that the ground was dry as they went in, they would stay dry and warm in there without a heat lamp. I think tonight they will need one, or they will all need to be moved to the shed or to the truck. This is a pretty intense storm for October, and I know it's only temporary.

I drove to work completely stressed out about this. I know the sheep are OK in the barn, and everyone that is inside a structure will be OK today. I worry about the ducks and hope they came into their house. They were still on the pond the last I looked last night. I worry about the big turkeys in the trees. Tonight I plant to try and catch them before they start roosting and get them into the shed. The more birds in there, the warmer it will be for everyone.  I hope we found everyone - anyone left sleeping outside on the ground last night probably would not make it, so I hope we didn't miss anyone!