Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turkey Time

I know I know, it's not even Halloween yet!  I'm still working on my costume and my nugget's costume and I haven't even started decorating yet, but no fret I'll get there.

But it is time to start thinking about turkeys! Those little goof balls are now roosting in our aspen tree, and on our pergola. Our back porch is no longer a safe place to hang out. Good thing the cool weather is keeping us inside anyhow. But never fear, the pergola will be empty by the end of November, as we are hoping turkeys will all end up in your tummies!  We'll keep a efw and try breeding again. And I am very partial to the ones I hatched myself this year and kind of want to keep them, too!  But there are plenty to go around.

We weren't very successful with the double-breasted breeds this year, so our birds are mostly going to be 20 pounds or less. The likely weet spots are 9-12 pounds (heritage breed hens) and 15-18 pounds (heritage breed toms). So if that suits your needs, go ahead and reserve one using this form.

If we don't have space left, I will return your check to you and let you know. But right now, we only have a few reservations (and I owe an email to 2 of you letting you know that I did add you to my spreadsheet!)