Monday, November 14, 2011

Ducks and another Lamb

So, here is proof that my stubborn ducks DO now how to come through the fence and back into their house.

 They even walk around the house, hoping that we put some food outside (we put it inside the house for them, so the sheep don't eat it.)
 And then when they are done eating, they go back out the fence and into the pond. Sigh. I keep waiting for them to decide to sleep inside their house, where they are safe and warm, but I guess to a duck, they are safe and warm on top of their pond.

Angel gave birth yesterday. I noticed that she was in the barn by herself, so I gave her a peek, and saw that she was in full labor. She gave birth to a healthy ram lamb with some really unique coloring. We were disappointed it was a ram, because we wanted to keep it!
Being on the hook for a name, and being sleep deprived,  I tried to think of one quickly. I wanted to use cartoon character names this time, and the first one that came to mind was Captain Caveman. So, yes, his name is Captain Caveman!
I just love his markings! He's the sweetest little thing, and Angel is such a good mom!