Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Lambs

Two if our ewes gave birth overnight this weekend. Trouble had a single, and Marcia had twins. Still waiting on Fat Cindy to drop hers, we thought she would be next!

Here is Trouble's little one, Huckleberry Hound. He's got cute markings across his front.  I have to pay close attention to the markings so I can tell them apart. Unless they are really unique like Strawberry Shortcake or Captain Caveman, I have to find something that identifies them, for this little one, it'll be the patchy black spots across his front.


Here are Marcia's twins, hiding out in the gap between the barn and the open stall door. These two scared the bejebus out of me yesterday. Marcia wasn't acting like they were missing, but I couldn't find them. Huck was on the wrong side of the fence, apparently found a sunny spot to sleep but didn't notice that mama was beside herself. So I went looking over there for these two, wondering if they squeezed under the fence, too. Of course, my mind went to other places, and I realized I didn't know where my dog, Moose was (he was asleep inside the whole time) but why wasn't Marcia worried, and I finally thought to look behind the door. Happy as clams, and warm as could be.  This is Boris and Natasha, well, I guess, Natasha and Boris.  Natasha is the white one with the orange ear, and Boris is the one with the little black spots. Cute little buggers! I am going to vy for Natasha being a keeper! She's adorable!

This isn't the greatest picture, but I wanted to add it. If you can get past Shirley glaring at us in the corner, you can see Captain Caveman in the back, he's standing in front of Strawberry Shortcake, and next to Blueberry Muffin. This little bugger is growing like a weed. I had to pick him up yesterday and move him to a stall with his mother. He's HUGE! I can't believe how much he has grown! And he's a little stinker, his mama, Angel, is a big worry wart. She calls for him all day long and he never answers! He runs and plays and does his own thing. And at night, when she calls for him so they can bed down in the same stall, he just finds a spot, lays down and never answers her. He hides in corners and even I have a hard time finding him. He's going to give his poor mother high blood pressure!