Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bracing for a cold Holiday

Tomorrow marks the longest night of the year.  As a farmer, I spend half the year counting down to the longest day, knowing that the tides start to turn after that. And then I count down to the longest night, just waiting for the days to get a little longer, a little warmer, and for things to start growing again.

In the meantime, it's been COLD. It's going to snow again, and I still have silly birds sleeping in the trees, some perched too high for me to reach, to get them in to safety.  Larry is home sick with a nasty cold, and I am fighting to not succumb to it myself. I see our wood pile grow smaller each day and hope there is enough to get us through February, if not, also March.

I'm already planning for next year, getting my orders lined up for baby chicks and turkey poults. I'm waiting for that magic day when the sun stays up long enough, that it triggers my chickens to start laying again. And getting the chance to take some lessons learned from this year, and apply them to next year - and hopefully have a bit better of a year.

I am already partially done with our taxes, which means I've been looking at numbers. We get a little better every year, but the expenses pile up, too. Feed costs have gone WAY up, the spike in hay prices this year really hurt, too, and not to mention that freezer that went caput!

My brain is in crisis mode - too much going on, too much to do, so it's trying to block out the next two weeks and thing farther into the future - back when life goes back to normal, and I can get on with things. But for now, it's the hustle and bustle of trying to get gifts completed, the house cleaned, get a holiday meal planned and make it through these hectic days. But I just keep daydreaming about baby birds, and planting my greenhouse, and waiting for my rhubarb to pop through the ground...

Larry says I borrow trouble, and wish my days away, so I need to remind myself that planning is good, but that I have to BE in the moment, too. But no worries, I have a 2 year old to remind me to BE in the moment.

So even though it's cold, and we all want to be warm, and probably sipping drinks on a beach, don't forget to BE in the moment (and remember that the snow we have now, is the water for our spring plants!)