Thursday, February 23, 2012

SO many lambs!!!

Here are Shirley's three. Pete, Berg and Sharon. Sharon is the mostly black one, Pete and Berg look a LOT alike. I'll have to sort that out later. :)

This is Alice's Yakky Doodle. Alice has a habit of having lambs with "knee pads".  Which is nice, it helps me identify them.

On the back of Vixen is little Snaggletooth. They are struggling right now. Vixen thinks that Yakky Doodle is her lamb, and follows him everywhere. Snaggletooth then follows Vixen all around, just trying to stay with his mommy. We have been supplementing him with bottles, in case they figure it out.

 Finally, today, Peppermint Patty had her two lambs, Scooby and Scrappy. Again, I'll spend some time with them tomorrow and figure out which is which!    We are up to 20 lambs right now.
Which reminds me... our freezers are full, anyone hungry?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lambs and those darn COYOTES!

Just a few more lamb pics. Below is another shot at Jane and Judy, trying to get those sisters in a shot together.

And Pebbles finally gave birth. She's 3 and this is her first lambing. With her below are Pixie and Dixie. Dixie is looking back at us, with a big black spot on the back of her rear right leg. Dixie is hiding behind mama.

I'll have more pictures soon, as Alice and Shirley FINALLY gave birth. Twins for Alice (with one stillborn) and TRIPLETS for Shirley! This is her second time giving triples! She looked like her middle had caved in last night with all three babies out and happy. Two rams and a ewe - Pete, Berg and Sharon. I'll have to think of something clever for Alice's ewe, still trying to find a good name for her.

While I was out checking on my girls last night, I caught a glimpse of too trouble makers sniffing a little too close to my animals. I am not great photographer, and had trouble steadying the camera on these guys, while dusk was upon us, and they were running through the field. SO, these are not the best pics, but these guys had their eyes on MY sheep, and I had my eyes on them.  Even the ducks took straight to their coop when they saw these guys across their pond. Look close, there are two coyotes in these shots.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February Update

OK, I switched computers.  This one functions correctly. :)

Just  a few pictures from the other day. Caught a shot of two turkeys goofing around in the front yard. The little hen on the left is just adorable. The one standing on the bench is actually a turkey I hatched last year. Hoorah!

We had some more lambs born on Valentine's day to Velma. She's one of my favorite sheep, mainly because she lets me pet her. She had two little ewe lambs. The one below is Judy, she's so adorable, I think I must absolutely keep her.

Being so close in age, Jane and Judy spend a lot of time with Clarice's Josie. They look very similar, but Jane is on the left, and Josie is on the right.

We just had 2 more little ewe lambs born today, but my camera batteries need replacing. So I didn't get enough pictures to post. Just happy that Pebbles finally gave birth! She's three, and missed her first season, so it's good to know she's not sterile - just taking her time!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finally, Another Lamb!

I think we are starting round 2 on lambing, finally. Some of those ladies are pretty big, and it isn't Fat Alice or Fat Shirley who finally dropped. It was Clarice, one of our newest ewes. She gave birth to one perfect little lamb, named Josie.

We have discovered a weird development on Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin, who have been reverified that they really are ewes...


Strawberry Shortcake won't sit still for photos. So I didn't get her, but that little one staring at us is a ewe lamb... with horns. OH NO!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Can Smell Spring in the Air

I want to apologize firstly for not being able to post many pictures lately...

My fancy camera is in the shop being repaired. My laptop has been dead since summer. I'm a little short on my normal technological devices I have come to depend on. If something amazing happens (like the new lambs we are hoping will be born this weekend) I'll find some way to get photos!

In the meantime, planning for spring is in full gear. We finally got our large grain bin fitted with a new sliding door that will make it easier to fill buckets with feed. This will eliminate the need to the large mallet to open and close the old auger slot. That'll be nice.

I placed the order for all my seeds. And even managed to plant some of the few cold weather seeds I had leftover from last year. Here's to hoping we can grow something this year! We need to set up our heat mats and trays and start some seeds indoors too. I think we need to move that to the basement this year, to keep them out of the reach of toddler hands! But she can certainly help me plant seeds. She's a great little helper!

I am also getting ready to dust off my incubator. Roosterman and his ladies (my Speckled Sussex roo and hens) are going to be segregated for a while so I can hatch some more. Unfortunately, our most prolific roo passed away this past week. He has had an infection in his foot since summer time, and lately he hasn't been himself. It just didn't heal, and took its toll. So we won't be having any surprise chicks with little half-Polish poofs on their heads this year. But no worries, there are lots of daughters of Fang hanging around that we hatched last year!

I even, maybe foolishly, placed another order with the conservation association for some trees. I am still hoping to get a wind break growing on the west side of the orchard. We have irrigation up there now, and I know to completely fence the area off so Moose doesn't eat my new trees!!! Hopefully this year they will stick!

So I am looking forward to the planting, the hatching and all the new beginnings that spring has to offer. Happy February, everyone! Now let's hope the groundhog has good news for us...