Friday, February 17, 2012

February Update

OK, I switched computers.  This one functions correctly. :)

Just  a few pictures from the other day. Caught a shot of two turkeys goofing around in the front yard. The little hen on the left is just adorable. The one standing on the bench is actually a turkey I hatched last year. Hoorah!

We had some more lambs born on Valentine's day to Velma. She's one of my favorite sheep, mainly because she lets me pet her. She had two little ewe lambs. The one below is Judy, she's so adorable, I think I must absolutely keep her.

Being so close in age, Jane and Judy spend a lot of time with Clarice's Josie. They look very similar, but Jane is on the left, and Josie is on the right.

We just had 2 more little ewe lambs born today, but my camera batteries need replacing. So I didn't get enough pictures to post. Just happy that Pebbles finally gave birth! She's three, and missed her first season, so it's good to know she's not sterile - just taking her time!