Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lambs and those darn COYOTES!

Just a few more lamb pics. Below is another shot at Jane and Judy, trying to get those sisters in a shot together.

And Pebbles finally gave birth. She's 3 and this is her first lambing. With her below are Pixie and Dixie. Dixie is looking back at us, with a big black spot on the back of her rear right leg. Dixie is hiding behind mama.

I'll have more pictures soon, as Alice and Shirley FINALLY gave birth. Twins for Alice (with one stillborn) and TRIPLETS for Shirley! This is her second time giving triples! She looked like her middle had caved in last night with all three babies out and happy. Two rams and a ewe - Pete, Berg and Sharon. I'll have to think of something clever for Alice's ewe, still trying to find a good name for her.

While I was out checking on my girls last night, I caught a glimpse of too trouble makers sniffing a little too close to my animals. I am not great photographer, and had trouble steadying the camera on these guys, while dusk was upon us, and they were running through the field. SO, these are not the best pics, but these guys had their eyes on MY sheep, and I had my eyes on them.  Even the ducks took straight to their coop when they saw these guys across their pond. Look close, there are two coyotes in these shots.