Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We hatched our first duckling!

 We actually hatched a duckling! Looks to be a Khaki Campbell, but we'll see as it grows if there is any Welsh Harlequin mixed in.
 She's doing great, but since I didn't want her to be alone, she's in the box with a few baby chicks. This means I can't give her a little bowl of water to swim in, since the chicks would drown in it.  Maybe tonight I'll put some warm water in a dog bowl and let her have her first swim!
Trying to get some cute pictures of her, I put her on the floor for a minute, and Schroediger came over to say hi.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter fun

 We hatched our first chick on Easter morning! Many more hatched throughout the day, and still more are working on it today!

 Sorry for the fence in the way, but I finally got a shot of our visiting wild turkey tom trying to impress our girls. Our hens must really be impressing him, because he's still here!

The sheep finally were allowed out to pasture. We are out of hay, and though the pasture isn't quite ready, they are out anyhow. Here's to hoping for some RAIN! We need that grass to grow!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some fun farm photos

 I captured a shot of some of our turkeys trying to show off. Wish they would spend more time with the ladies, than trying to impress each other! I have over 40 turkey eggs in my incubator and am hoping they all hatch!

 Here are my ducks, happily sleeping in the sun. They look like a pile of rocks sometimes, but they are just tucked away, taking a nice nap.

 Yeah, we don't usually show the un-fun farm stuff, but here was an afternoon cleaning coops, and piling up the poop for the compost pile. Of course, we had to drag a wagon full of poop through a mud bog. That was fun.

 I tried to get this beauty in full display, but he caught me following him, and put his tail away. This is one of our visiting wild turkeys. They've been hanging around for a few days, but they wander the neighborhood too. We get calls from the neighbors about these guys, there are 2 toms and 3 hens, but they don't belong to us. They are wild, and it's just fun to have them around.

 We got some new barn kitties, this is Murphy. He's starting to come out of his shell, just a bit.
Below is his female counterpart, Brown. She's super skittish!  Here's to hoping they control the mouse situation in the barn!