Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chicken Processing - July 15 & 22

We will be doing our next batch of birds on July 15. It is likely we are just going to pick the biggest of the bunch, and complete the rest on the 22nd.  Yes, we do bird processing on Sundays, because we are at the farmer's market on Saturdays!

Anyhow, we will part out a few more birds so that we can sell breasts, leg&thigh, and wings as separate packages. Most of the birds will be frozen whole.  If you want a fresh bird or have special requests, come on out on Sunday before noon and we can process some special for you. Hopefully, I'll catch a few roosters so we can put a few stewing birds in the freezer, too.

So if you want fresh chicken, we'll have some the next few weekends. Don't forget that we still have plenty of lamb in our freezer and are hoping to make some space to put some more in! The fresh ones just arrived last week, so you can get some fresh lamb, too.

See you on the weekend!