Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally, Some Pictures!

 Here are our new Guinea Keets, in their new brooder with our little duck. The duck is probably warm enough to go on the pond, but too small to fend for himself, so he's staying here until he gets bigger.

 Here's a little  Guinea, with a lavender falling asleep behind him.

 The duck stays with the guineas and helps keep them warm, and protects them. He apparently has something to say!

 Here are some random chickens that I hatched, too...

 This is the interior shot of the structure we call the "love shack". It's where we isolate Rooster Man with his hens to hatch straight run Speckled Sussex chicks.

 Here's the outside of the "Love Shack"

 Here is a 4 week old double breasted turkey. They are so adorable, it's hard to believe they can grow into 30 pound behemoths by Thanksgiving!

This is one of the aforementioned Speckled Sussex chicks at about 6-7 weeks old. I hatched over a dozen of them this year!