Monday, September 10, 2012

Barn Kitties

We hadn't seen our barn kitties in a while. And sometimes that means they have gotten adventurous, and have wandered off. Often, when they start to roam far, they don't come back. If they end up in an open field at night, maybe hunting mice, if they don't have a tree to climb, they are easily surrounded by coyotes and killed. So we were worried.
But then we saw them, and I think since it's too warm above the tack room in the barn, they are now sleeping under the front porch (that's a great place to catch mice, too!)
Here's Murphy. He's actually quite friendly. You need to approach him slowly, and low to the ground, and call him. He'll come to you if you don't move too fast. He really does like to be petted.

 Here is Two Three Six. Yup, just eyes in the distance. He's a black and white kitty, and he's not mean, but keeps his distance. It was hard to get a shot at night, since the flash didn't go too far. I'll try to find him in the morning, with a camera in hand..  But he's still around. Good kitties!