Saturday, September 8, 2012

Price Increase

We recently had to refill our grain bins, about a month sooner than expected (we forgot how much turkeys eat!) Due to increases in grain prices, our feed prices have increased a LOT. Hay prices have also doubled again this year. It's looking like our prices are going to have to go up, too.

We will need to increase our egg prices to $3.50 per dozen starting in October. We will hold chicken and turkey prices until next year. We'll review in late winter when we see what the grain prices are going to be going into next year's meat bird season.

Also, our summer lamb sale will end at the end of september, and mixed cut/whole/half packages will go back to $8.00 per pound. Due to hay prices, and the cost of keeping ewes year round, our lamb prices will likely increase for 2013 as well.

Unlike the big guys, we don't get any subsidies or assistance in any way. The cost of raising food has to trickle into the prices. We don't like to raise prices, but we also need to attempt to break even on this farm.

So take advantage of our current prices on eggs and lamb before October.