Saturday, December 1, 2012


I don't really know what the joke was behind this. But I decided to name one of every species of birds on the farm, Bjork.

Now, one thing that happens when I name a chicken, is it tends to get granted a pardon from any meat processing, or end of laying culling, and they get to live as long as they want. That being said, the last hen I named, Friend Bird, well, I know she's too old to be laying anymore, but I haven't seen her in a few days, and I wonder if the coyotes got her.  

Anyhow, I present to you, my Bjorks

Bjork, the mallard hen duck. It's hard to get photos, but here she is with her mallard drake friend.

Bjork, the guinea. She is seen here with a chicken I call "Fluffernutter"

Bjork, the turkey hen. She didn't want her photo taken.

Bjork, the chicken. Someone gave her to me, and she's super friendly, but I have no idea what breed she is.

There you have it, all my Bjorks.