Monday, February 11, 2013

February Update

January has flown by, and it may have seemed that all is quiet on the farm. Indeed, that is not the case at all! We have already started planting in the greenhouse, we have been cleaning coops and barn stalls, and we have been doing a lot of calculations for prices, our CSA model amongst other things.

We will be announcing our CSA model soon, we hope. We just need to get a few more details ironed out.

We are also looking at the possibility of running a completely organic batch of meat chickens this year. Our products, right now, are all natural. Our fruits and veggies would be considered organic, because we add no pesticides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers to our soil.  However, finding certified organic feed for our birds is really difficult, we finally found it, but it's more than twice the cost of our current feed.  So we will be publishing pricing for 100% organic, pasture raised, free range, chicken, but we need to see if there is as demand. Once we buy the feed, we need to know that customers are going to buy the product, and that will be our challenge.  That is always the challenge of any farmer or rancher - all the inputs are paid for up front before we know anyone is going to come along and buy the outputs - and the outputs have a shelf life!

We do have some products getting ready for sale again - we just processed 7 of our ducks this weekend, and have fresh duck in the freezer again.  And, our female ducks are starting to lay eggs, so we will have a limited supply of duck eggs available each week. That's exciting news! Everyone is waiting for eggs.  Our chicken hens are turning back on their laying frequency, too, and sometime in March, we expect to surpass our restaurant demand, and have enough eggs to start selling off the farm again. So keep posted. 

In the meantime, we have plenty of lamb, duck, and did I mention lamb? Available on the farm, right now! We hope to see you stop by soon!