Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Taking the Lambs to Arapahoe

I should have taken a picture this morning. There's just something surreal about driving from Berthoud to Erie with a load of lambs in the back of the truck - during most people's normal morning commute.  I find it so odd. If I had seen this in Detroit, obviously, it would have been an oddity, and in today's age, I would have taken a photo with my phone or something and told all my friends about it. But out here, granted, most of the cars that were driving past me (sorry everyone, I try to drive careful with lambs in the truck! They don't have seat belts!) just didn't seem to notice. On their way to the office, or to drop their kids off at school, I was amazed at how many people didn't seem to notice my load of lambs. Ah well..

I said goodbye to 5 little friends today, and the nice folks at Arapahoe Meat Company always remind me NOT to name my lambs. I do anyhow. So more fresh lamb is coming for the freezer. And these guys won't be wasted at all! I found a tanner to take the skins, and someone else who wants the insides for dogs she raises on a raw, predatory diet. So the meat will come back to me, and the other parts will be distributed to places that will make use of it. How wonderful!

Goodbye Pixie, Dixie, Jane, Pete and Snaggletooth.