Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chicken Processing Dilemma

SO the trick is in the timing. Broilers are supposed to be butchered at 8-10 weeks. However, with the snow, I figured it would put us back a week. Now I am not sure. There is a trade off, they eat a LOT of feed. And is one more week of growth going to pay that back to us?  Besides, we need room for the next batch as well. I feel TERRIBLE that those poor birds had to suffer in all that snow, but there was no way to predict it. The likely outcome here is that we will push back our spring bird deliveries until April of next year, so that we don't have the same problem. That also means we will raise MORE birds this fall to ensure we stock our freezer to provide chicken to our customers past January.

We make adjustments every year, and we can never predict the weather to get it just right. We do get better every year, so we'll see.

It looks like we are likely going to process on May 4th. I've been telling people all sorts of dates because the truth is, we don't 100% know until the day arrives that we need to butcher.

Also being butchered that weekend - roosters for stew meat, a few tom turkeys and all the guineas we can catch!