Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing Jason StathRAM

We got a new ram over the weekend. He previous owner didn't have a name for him (they raise a lot more sheep than we do, so I can understand).  In light of our last ram that I named Jean Claude Van Ramme, I was trying to think of the big silver screen tough guy names, and was considering Dolph LundgRAM for this guy, until we met him.  He's not quite a year, and doesn't have his horns in yet. But he is 100% Dorper, so we can start breeding in more hair and start eliminating the wool from our sheep. So, since he is a little bit smaller and a little bit younger, I picked a more recent action star, one of my favorites, meet Jason StathRAM.
Here he is being introduced to all of his new ladies.

You've got a big job to do, little man! They all wanted to meet him!

We had a long talk with his owner about tail docking, and decided we won't do it again. He said for hair sheep, they don't need their tails docked. HOORAY! Sheepies with tails again!

When we let the ladies in to meet him, they MOBBED him. Looks like the girls are ready for him, I hope he's ready for them!