Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Raw Milk!

OK, we have some news about some fellow farmers and friends of ours.  They have officially launched their raw milk shares business!   These folks are neighbors of ours in Berthoud. They raise ducks, chickens and turkeys, too, but they just started a raw milk share operation and have lots of yummy raw milk to sell.

You can find out more about our friends Will and Mo at WiMo Farms and their raw milk shares by clicking the link.

What does this have to do with Long Shadow Farm?  Simple! These guys are our neighbors and friends and we are sharing the love.  And secondly - all my ice creams will be made from fresh, raw cows milk (and occasionally raw goat milk, from another neighbor). 

If you are concerned about raw milk and it's safety, I urge you to do more research, but also know that ice cream, in case you didn't know, is actually cooked before it is frozen, so even unpasteurized milk for ice cream use will be processed in a way to eliminate bacteria that is present. But raw milk can be safe, especially is a small, family farm environment. These guys are not confined in tight spaces, are given lots of love, and the milk is checked periodically. It's not handled much, from the cow to the jug to you. We've chosen to support our local, natural farmers by using raw milk for our ice creams! It's super creamy and makes even tastier ice cream!

OH, and by the way, we have a fresh batch of vanilla in the freezer, and I'll be working on a batch of cinnamon this weekend!  Got a favorite flavor?  Let me know, I'll make it for you! $5.00/pint, and our ice cream containers are now compostable!

Hey, a quick addition here... I, personally, never really liked milk. I stopped drinking it in high school and never drank it again until I got pregnant with our daughter. Then I drank a lot, but only skim milk from a local dairy. I continued to drink skim from the local dairy even after she was born, because it actually tasted good compared to the store-bought stuff.  I don't drink a lot of milk, but sometimes really like a big tall glass. The other night was one of those nights, and I was all out of skim. I really wanted milk - so I cracked open the raw milk jug that my daughter drinks, and poured myself a big glass. I am a convert! Holy moly that stuff is amazing!  Don't forget to contact WiMo Farms for your share of raw milk!