Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Such a busy weekend

I am sorry I didn't get any pictures, but I'll try to rectify that this weekend. We got so much done, my back is still sore.

  • I received my trees and bushes from the conservation district and got all 60 or 70 of them planted over the course of the weekend
  • We cleaned off the back porch and put a roof over the pergola, so we have a safe place to enter and exit the back of the house, that will be free of turkey poo!
  • We fixed some of the broken irrigation in the greenhouse, and got the last 3 beds planted in there
  • We planted a ton of cold-weather plants outside, finally, lettuces, radishes, carrots, turnips, beets, etc.
  • I planted some more strawberries, and got the irrigation running on the existing strawberries, which are coming up beautifully
  • We built 2 mini-greenhouses on raised beds, and planted rhubarb under one of them. My mint should be coming soon to plant under the other. We can make a total of 6 of them with the materials I have. I'll take photos as we build the next ones so you can see the construction.
We fixed and set up a lot of irrigation, just in time for a big snow storm, so we have to disconnect or unplug it all in the hopes it wouldn't freeze and fracture. Yay, weather!