Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Picture Update

 Just a few pictures to show you how May is coming along...
 These are our mini-hoop houses - currently protecting rhubarb and mint plants from certain chicken destruction...
 Here is a rare sighting of both our barn cats, close enough I could get a photo.  Murphy is the grey stripey one on the left. He's super friendly. TwoThreeSix is the black and white one, slowly warming up to me, but I can still only get about 3 feet from him before he bolts.  I'll pet him one day!
 We hatched some guinea keets - there are in the hospital box with a tired turkey, and a broiler with a hurt foot.
 I moved the incubator back to the basement, and am now hatching lots of turkey babies! I won't make that mistake again, could have had dozens by now, but I put the incubator upstairs in the brooder room. BIG mistake!
 This is the first successful turkey hatch, with his two buddies that hatched a few days later.
Larry built auto-waterers in the barn brooder. Pretty clever, and we don't have to worry about them running out of water while we are at work. These buys are about a week old...
These ones are about 2 weeks old, and are probably going outside this weekend. A big difference one week makes in the life of a broiler chicken!