Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chicken Processing this weekend: July 13-14

It's the middle of July already? How did that happen?  Anyhow, we are almost sold out of the batch of birds we just processed, and we are butchering again this weekend. Now, we are finally keeping up with demand!  We'll have plenty of birds in the freezer after this weekend, or if you want them fresh, come out on Saturday or Sunday to grab your birds!

We also have duck, a few cuts of lamb (we are almost sold out of lamb!), one last guinea, plenty of chicken, duck and even turkey eggs for sale. I'll also have some freshly picked lettuce available, some baby greens, spicy Asian greens and even a little bit of kale available. I'll pick that fresh Friday morning, so if you know you want some, let me know Whatever doesn't sell, gets eaten by us, so I don't want to pick more than we can consume or sell.

We'll be working mostly in the mornings, trying to get done before it's too hot. So if you don't want to see birds being processed, come later in the afternoon, if you DO want to see (we don't mind, we'll even show you how) come in the morning and see how it's done.

See you this weekend!