Monday, August 12, 2013


The Flock becomes a Flerd again. Not that my sheep really want it that way.
Meet Ferdinand. He's a little Jersey bull calf that we bought from a nice 4H family in Wyoming.

He's just getting used to being on the farm and away from his mama.

The sheep weren't too sure about him. So they tried to send Dancer over as a special envoy to broker a peace deal with the new species. However, when Dancer got close enough, Ferdinand leaned in for a sniff, and she ran off. I guess there won't be a peace deal.

The dogs, however, found him quite interesting. He's pretty small, almost the same size as my Moose.

They all came over to say hi and check out their new charge.

He's a calm little guy, he's really gentle and my nugget seems to like him a lot.

He's a sweetheart, he'll be with us for a bit over a year. I know, we swore we'd never do cows again. But the freezer is looking pretty empty and it's time to get some beef back on the menu.