Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Odin and Frigg

Mama Alice had udders the size of a basketball. She was definitely ready for her little ones to greet the world. On Monday, we welcomed little Odin and Frigg. They are big lambs already, but mama is definitely prepared to feed them! Alice is one of our older ewes, in the grand scheme of things. She's always been a good mother. Last year, she had an eye infection shortly before lambing and couldn't see from her left eye very well. It made it hard for her to see her babies, and one of our young ewes actually stole one of her twins from her. But this year, she won the race to be first, and doesn't have to share her lambs with anyone.

It's highly likely that we will keep Frigg. We are looking to build our flock back up a bit, and we always try to keep one or two ewes from each lambing to keep the age of our flock young. We love Alice. She's always been gentle and kind, and is a good mama. She is now 6 years old, and in those years, she has given us 9 lambs. She averages 1.8 lambs per season, and her average live weight on her lambs is 111 pounds! That's pretty good!  Being an enginerd, I have devised a calculation that sort of gives an apples to apples comparison on our sheep and their productivity. It's the lamb weight to lamb # ratio, and Alice is in second place, behind only Shirley (who sometimes gives us triplets).   We haven't yet kept any of Alice's lambs, likely because she often has rams. So here are Odin and Frigg, and their proud mama.

 Mama Alice and baby Frigg

 Alice, Odin and Frigg  (Odin in the front, with the sleek coat, and Frigg in the back with the curly coat)

 Our little lamb with Frigg

Our little lamb with Odin