Monday, September 2, 2013

Brynhildr, and a little lesson on Norse Mythology

So another little lamb was born last night. We named her Brynhildr.  In order to start understanding our naming scheme this year, I am going to give you a very brief and slightly academic lesson on Norse Mythology.

I named our first two lambs Odin and Frigg. Many of you will recognize the name Odin. He's the All Father, sometimes recounted as the ruler of Valhalla, the God of the Gods. Thor is his son. Odin, Woden, Woten - he has many spellings. He has wolves and ravens at his disposal and there are great stories around all of this. He even hung himself from Yggdrasil do gain the knowledge of the alphabet, which he passed on to humanity. He fights Jotnar, and like the rest of the Gods, waits for Ragnarok. I always hear WIll Ferrel's voice in my head, from Ron Burgundy, saying "Great Odin's Ravens!" as an exclamation. I love it.  So fitting that we named our first born, our first ram, Odin.  Frigg is his wife (I know, my lambs are brother and sister, get over it).  Frigg can see the future but can not speak of it.  Are you yet seeing some similarities to Greek and Roman mythology?  You'll see more, wait until I tell you about Baldr, but not until I name one Baldr!

So to keep this brief and not get into the entirety here, I just wanted to discuss the names I have already chosen. The lastest is Brynhildr. Norse Mythology has a group of women named the Valkyries. There are bunches of them.  The Valkyries decide which warriors survive battle and which don't.  Half of the ones they choose get to join Odin in Valhalla. (The other half join Freyja in Folkvangr - more about her later). There are scores of Valkyrie - and I shall be using many of their names for our ewe lambs.. so get ready.

Brynhildr means "Armor Battle" - clearly the name of a warrior.  Our little Brynhildr was born to Peppermint Patty - who is quite protective of her little warrior.