Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sif, Gefjon, Thor and Baldr

Sif and Gefjon, sisters and daughters of Cindy were born earlier this month. Little cuties, they are!  Gefjon is supposedly the Norse Goddess of ploughing, and Sif is a Norse goddess associated with Earth, and in some stories it is told she is married to Thor (and has golden hair the represents wheat). They seemed like proper goddesses for the farm!


 Here they are today, Sif on the left and Gefjon on the right.

 This morning, Shirley had her little lambs, two ram lambs, named Thor and Baldr.  That's Thor in the foreground, and Baldr checking out mama's hay.

Here's little Thor being curious about me and my camera.  Cute little buggers, good job mama Shirley!
Shirley is our oldest ewe, and one of the original two sheep we bought to start the farm. She's now 9 years old, has bore us 14 lambs, and is a calm and wonderful mother. I was really hoping she'd have a ewe this year we could keep, but we do have Peppermint Patty and Sharon, who are her daughters, and Peppermint Patty's daughter Clarice!

Still waiting on Angel to give birth, and hope she has a girl so we can keep a Skadi or Freyja!