Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 New Lambs

We had 5 little lambs born just a few weeks ago, I am finally getting around to posting their pics.
Here is Angel mama with her 2 lambs - in the background we have Gerda, who is looking at us, and we have Freyja who is trying to get a drink from mama. We will be keeping Freyja!  The one in the front of the photo is Bragi, who belongs to Judy (who isn't in the picture).  Bragi is Judy's first lamb, and he's super cute.
Marcia also had two little lambs, the one on the left is Tyr, her ram lamb. The one on the right is Skadi, her ewe lamb, who we are also keeping!

In this photo, we have two lambs up front who aren't little anymore, but I don't think I ever posted their photos. On the left is Gefjon, and on the right is Sif.  Just behind Sif is our first born, Odin, and the little black lamb behind him, who is growing quickly, is Eir.