Thursday, March 27, 2014

More lambs and some turkeys

Just a couple of days ago, we had two more lambs born on the farm.

This one is Zeus, one of Alice's new lambs

And here is his sister, Athena. Good job, Alice!

Here's our little bottle lamb, Hemera, aka Hattie. It's hard to take pictures of a lamb that literally stays at your heels at all times! And she had just been fed!

Peppermint Patty had lambs born on Shanny's birthday. So we named her pair of ram lambs Happy and Birthday. The black one is Happy, the white one is Birthday. 

And today, we brought home the first of the Thankgiving Turkeys!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nina's New Job - and Surprise Lambs

I can't really say these lambs were a surprise... I knew Trouble was pregnant and I knew the lambs were coming soon... but just didn't expect them last night.  When I went to close the barn, I found these two. YAY. Baby lamb! I named her Demeter (this go round, we are going to use Greek mythology) So I got mama some oats, and closed them in together. When I went to put the rest of the sheep in the other stall, I found this little one mixed with the rest.

Strange that she would be away from mama, so when I put her in the stall, Trouble was furiously butting her away, and keeping close track of the other lamb.  In the off chance that she belonged to someone else, I put her with the other sheep to see if anyone claimed her...  Some of my other mamas have been allowing other lambs to feed off them, so I thought maybe she had been adopted. It didn't seem the case - so we quickly went to bottle lamb mode.

 I ran to a friend's house, because the feed store was closed, and got some lamb replacer to get her through one day, found a box and some towels and brought her inside for the night, so I could feed her in the middle of the night when she got hungry.

I was a little worried about Nina's attentiveness at first. But it seems she is just making sure lamby is clean and dry, and protected. This is what Nina was born to do.

I will love her and pet her and squeeze her and hug her and name her George.

 I will break Nina's heart today by taking Hemera to my neighbor's house so she can be fed during the day when I am at work. But no fear, dear Nina, Hemera will be back in the evenings.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Learn to Grow Apples!

Dear Berthoud Local Supporters and the Northern Colorado Community,

Here is your golden (apple) opportunity! You are invited to a special presentation by local  Fruit Tree Expert Joel Reich. The event is only two weeks away.

A flier is attached with all the details and a bio of the guest speaker. In order to compensate our speaker this workshop requires a small fee. You will leave this workshop with a wealth of information to grow great apples in Northern Colorado!

We hope to see you soon. Feel free to forward this information to anyone you think may be interested.  Come and pay at the door.

Feel free to contact Tracey with any questions:

Tracey Long, Co-President Berthoud Local