Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nina's New Job - and Surprise Lambs

I can't really say these lambs were a surprise... I knew Trouble was pregnant and I knew the lambs were coming soon... but just didn't expect them last night.  When I went to close the barn, I found these two. YAY. Baby lamb! I named her Demeter (this go round, we are going to use Greek mythology) So I got mama some oats, and closed them in together. When I went to put the rest of the sheep in the other stall, I found this little one mixed with the rest.

Strange that she would be away from mama, so when I put her in the stall, Trouble was furiously butting her away, and keeping close track of the other lamb.  In the off chance that she belonged to someone else, I put her with the other sheep to see if anyone claimed her...  Some of my other mamas have been allowing other lambs to feed off them, so I thought maybe she had been adopted. It didn't seem the case - so we quickly went to bottle lamb mode.

 I ran to a friend's house, because the feed store was closed, and got some lamb replacer to get her through one day, found a box and some towels and brought her inside for the night, so I could feed her in the middle of the night when she got hungry.

I was a little worried about Nina's attentiveness at first. But it seems she is just making sure lamby is clean and dry, and protected. This is what Nina was born to do.

I will love her and pet her and squeeze her and hug her and name her George.

 I will break Nina's heart today by taking Hemera to my neighbor's house so she can be fed during the day when I am at work. But no fear, dear Nina, Hemera will be back in the evenings.