Sunday, June 8, 2014

Berthoud Day

Long Shadow Farm joined Berthoud Local at the Berthoud Day parade yesterday.
 Berthoud local works with volunteers in Berthoud to grow and share a community garden in pioneer park, and to educate folks about how they can grow their own food. So far this year, they've had workshops on growing apples, blueberries and bee keeping.

 Here's the parade crew. It was a nice overcast day, and the folks in the bee keeper suits were so thankful!
 Lisa Marie (our farm truck) got to make an appearance, too, driving our trailer in the parade.
 Folks really loved the bee keepers, the cute kiddos on our trailer and Hattie, our bottle lamb. She's a favorite of everyone who meets her. She's wearing Ditka's old collar, good thing it came to good use some 6 years after it's been worn!
Hattie made it through the whole parade, and was calm and curious about what was going on. She even waited to relieve herself until after the parade was finished. What a good girl!