Sunday, October 5, 2014

Forms Forms Forms

So much going on, so many forms to fill out...  so I thought I'd put some of the timely and pertinent ones right here:

First - it's turkey season. If you want one reserved for you for the Thanksgiving or anytime after - here is your form. Organic and Standard, all pasture raised, happy turkeys!

Next - we are in need of volunteers for Turkey processing this year. We'll have so many birds to butcher - we need help plucking, cleaning, and keeping everything organized. There are so many people coming and going and I typically have to stay focused on customers. We'd love to have some extra hands. So if you ever wanted to see the process, learn the process, or spend the day as a farmer, sign up!!

Last but not least, it's never too late to sign up for our CSA program. It's a meat CSA, but any products we have are eligible. Click the CSA tab above for more details. If you're ready to go, the form is there, it's also here.

And don't forget our campaign for the new, larger turkey plucker. This should help us keep on track with turkey processing. We hope you can help, any little bit will help get us there.