Thursday, October 30, 2014

Turkeys are almost sold out

Edited for an update: we are now over 85% sold, with some conventionak and some organic birds left.  They are almost all spiken for! 

As of the date of this posting, we are 72% sold on turkeys, we have just over 25 birds left to sell. That means, YES, we have birds. Get your order in before it's too late.  When we are sold out, we will post that here and REMOVE the link to the order form. So if the link is still active, that means we still have birds to sell.

So get your reservation in while you still can! When we sell out, we will take a waiting list that we can use in the case anyone backs out of their birds. We often don't know that until the weekend we are butchering, so if you are OK with waiting until the last minute, I can get you on the waiting list.

Links are below:

  • Turkey Reservation Form

  • We are in need of volunteers for Turkey processing this year. We'll have so many birds to butcher - we need help plucking, cleaning, and keeping everything organized. There are so many people coming and going and I typically have to stay focused on customers. We'd love to have some extra hands. So if you ever wanted to see the process, learn the process, or spend the day as a farmer, sign up!!

    And don't forget our campaign for the new, larger turkey plucker. This should help us keep on track with turkey processing. We hope you can help, any little bit will help get us there.