Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanks everyone!!

We had the best turkey processing weekend ever. It was a little chilly, but not too awful. We had a GREAT crew of volunteers, thank you so much everyone! We couldn't have done it without you!

For the first time ever, we finished on Sunday before sundown! We even had time to build a fire, get cleaned up, do all the farm chores, eat some dinner and relax before the day is done.  Great job to all our helpers!

A big thank you to all our customers for coming out and picking up your turkeys. We did a much better job this year with getting the right size of birds, so we'll try to keep that formula in place for next year as well.

We love our new plucker, it did a great job on the birds, which sped up the entire process. Thanks to Featherman for making another wonderful product for us!

Thanks to Larry for coming home for the weekend to help!

So much to be thankful for, and right now, I am most thankful for some much needed down-time this week to recover from the turkey harvest, and start planning for next year!  Thanks everyone!