Sunday, December 21, 2014


Holy moly, we just got home from driving Larry home from NYC. We checked the coops, and voila, we had eggs. Now, these are young birds, so the eggs are still small. And it's the wrong time of year for good egg production, BUT, at long last, after an entire eggless year, we have eggs again.

Depending on how their production goes, we may have a dozen or two available every other week. We won't have a lot of eggs, but some, on occasion. Some are organic, GMO free fed birds, some (very very very few - we only have 6 chickens on non-organic feed) will be conventional feed. All the birds are outside, free range.

The organics live in our chicken truck, and there are about 150 of them, plus some roosters. These are Rhode Island Reds, and come march, I'll start hatching some more to grow the flock.

The non-organics live in a small coop in our backyard, called the "love shack".  It was used in past years as a breeding house to isolate specific breeds, but now is home to a small flock of Speckled Sussex. I'll be breeding them, too. But for now, the weather is too cold for hatching, and fertility rates will be low. So whatever doesn't get cracked or eaten by us, we'll set aside to sell.