Saturday, February 28, 2015

Baby Chicks!

We've been hatching a ton of chicks. Partly because I haven't had eggs to hatch in over a year. Partly because we aren't selling eggs fast enough (I know, I know, this will just cause more issues down the road), and partly because it's fun! The weather is the WORST for this endeavor, so they have been living inside the house for the first 2-3 weeks of their life, then moving to the big brooder in the barn. When the snow melts, these guys will get to go outside. For now, inside it is!

But with such successful hatches, which is rare this time of year, usually my fertility rate hangs out with average temperatures, so that colder days mean less hatches, but these have been doing great. We are going to see if anyone wants to buy any baby chicks. Lots of folks hate the idea of buying from a hatchery, and having these poor babies shipped in a box. Not only that, but hatcheries, especially for laying breeds, sell mostly the females. Some even give away the rooster chicks. And the rest - honestly, you don't want to know.

So we are going to sell some chicks. I am hatching plenty for our own use, and I can hatch more. So I'll be putting that out there. For the first time since the beginning of the farm, I have essentially one breed on the farm, so my chicks hatch to a true breed. I don't get mixes of unknown egg rates. We have primarily Rhode Island Reds, an all around robust little bird. Great feed conversion to egg output, they lay year round (we're getting over 70 per day, which is unheard of for us in the winter!)

So here's the dealio, let's see if anyone else wants a few chicks!

Day Old Hatchlings are $3.00/chick
1 Week old chicks are $4.00/chick
2 Week old chicks are $5.00/chick
3 Week old chicks are $6.00/chick