Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What to do with Lamb Ribs?

Ribs ribs ribs!  My husband is the cook in the house. When he left for his year in New York, I suddenly had to not only take care of the whole farm, the house, my job and my daughter - but I discovered I had to feed us, too. I didn't have time for elaborate meals, and sometimes, my best kitchen time is in the morning, when the kiddo and the critters are still sleeping.

Not only did I need meals that were quick to prepare, but  I discovered I had a freezer full of RIBS. We ate all the "good" cuts - the shanks, chops and ground. I had to figure out what to do with all these ribs. PLUS, I HATE picking meat off bones. I prefer it to fall off for me...

I have a crock pot cook book and decided to hop in and see what I could find for a rib recipe. Relatively disappointed, I found about 40 pages of various beef stews and found one and only one rib recipe.

Basically, it said to put your ribs in the crock pot and cover them in BBQ sauce and simmer that way all day.  OK, I could do that. But what BBQ sauce did I have? Voila!  I CAN my own, but it's made with peaches.

You can find the recipe for Zesty Peach Barbecue Sauce here.  I can my own, and all the fruit and veggie products are Colorado locally grown. I buy so many Palisade peaches every year, I have to get creative with my products. And this BBQ sauce is one of my favorites, but I make WAY more than I can sell, and much more than I can eat. Until I tried it on ribs - I used it mostly for chicken (which it goes very well with!)

So I decided to give it a whirl. I pour some in my crock pot, to coat the bottom, and put in a package of ribs. I've tried this with beef and lamb ribs and love it both ways. I then cover the ribs with more BBQ sauce, put it on low and let it cook all day when I am at work.

I come home and steam up some veggies, pull out the ribs and we have dinner ready to go. Now, my husband was raised in Virginia, and every Southerner I have met from South Caroline to Tennessee to Missouri to Texas all want to share with me their BBQ recipes. So my husband was a little leary that his northern wife not only could pull of BBQ, but BBQ sauce that included PEACHES? Pfft...

Well, he loved it. So do I. The only ones in the house that wonder are the dogs, when we throw them the bones, they are a little unsure about the zesty part of that BBQ sauce. The sauce is not too sweet and not too spicy - it's got a good tang to it, but it settles in really well with the lamb ribs. All day in the crock pot and the meat comes right off the bone, and the sugars in the BBQ sauce caramelize a bit to make the perfect flavor.  I definitely recommend it! So does my Southern husband, who requested I post this on the site!

To make this official:

Peach BBQ Ribs

1 package of ribs (lamb, pork or beef)  1 - 2 lbs in size
1 quart jar of Peach BBQ sauce - enough to cover the meat in your crock pot. (you can make your own, or buy a jar from us!)

Layer the sauce and the meat in the crock pot, to ensure all surfaces are covered. Simmer in the crock pot on low 8 hrs or more.