Saturday, May 2, 2015

Food Drive on the Farm

This is a repeat from our mailing list, but wanted to broadcast it everywhere!

At my day job, I am part of the Community Giving committee; each year we are part of the Corporate Challenge sponsored by the Community Food Shares of Colorado. Our farm has donated food items to the food bank, which serves thousands of people in the Boulder area. We've decided to see if our wonderful customers would like to participate.

For every 3 boxes/cans of non-perishable foods you bring to us to donate between May 1st and May 17th, we will give you one free dozen chicken eggs (max 8 per family).

So if you would like to bring some food items for us to donate, we will pay you back in free eggs! We can help our community get some food on their tables, and spread the love of free range chicken eggs as a reward!  We'll match all your donations with a gift of eggs to the food bank, as well! So it's a two-fer all around. I'll put a large box on the porch next to the egg fridge, if we are not home, feel free to donate your items and take eggs from the fridge! Leave us a note to let us know that you donated.

Want to know more about Community Food Shares? Here are some tidbits on their operation and the need in Boulder and Broomfield Counties:
  • There are over 56,000 people in Boulder and Broomfield Counties who are living at or below 130% of the federal poverty level ($31,005 annually for a family of 4)
  • In 2014, Community Food Share distributed over 8.3 million meals. The value of the food was over $14.3 million.
  • Since 2003, Community Food Share has distributed over 64 million pounds of food to those in need of food assistance in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. The value of the food was over $98 million.
  • Community Food Share distributes all food free of charge.
Want to help the campaign with a monetary donation? Click here to donate to the Compete to Beat Hunger Corporate Challenge
You can select a company you'd like to list for your donation, or select mine, Rosemount DP Flow. There are 23 companies competing this year, if you are affiliated with any of them, feel free to donate under their name. This is a corporate challenge, and the competition is fierce! Some of these companies have full time employees who work SOLELY on this campaign every year!