Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lambing Season has begun!

Lambing season has begun! The mama's all appear to be rather pregnant, and are much more vocal, which is typical. I had, as usual, been watching them for weeks, looking to see whose milk is coming in, to know who was going to drop first.
This is Freyja, she surprised us by going first. This was her first lambing, and she dropped a beautiful baby boy, named Discord. As a new mom, with a single lamb, her utters didn't get to the size that most moms do. She was closer to volleyball sized, instead of full basketball size! She is a super attentive mom, which is a great for a first time mom. She's amazing, and the little guy is doing great!

Betty was my bet to go first, because she is sporting a basketball-sized utter. But, she went second. Dropped perfect little ewe and ram lambs, both seen here on top of an old pile of hay (with the mooey cows).  Lightning Streak is the little guy on top, playing king of the castle. His sister Rainbow Dash is laying down beside him. Great job, Betty! (Betty is our only descendent of Laverne, one of our original two sheep)

This is Clarice, with her little ram lamb, Big Mac. We thought she had twins, but just this big guy came out. Clarice, unfortunately, is on the cull list, but we want to wait until this guy gets weaned first. She's doing great with him, but historically, she has skipped lambing seasons, she always births singles, and they are smaller than most. Though Clarice is the granddaughter of Shirley, she's not cutting it like the others, so this is likely her last lamb.   Notice the photobomb in the front from Dolph Lundgram!