Thursday, October 22, 2015

The homestretch for the turkeys

It's getting to be the final stretch for most of our turkeys. With the weather turning cold and wet, we moved our double breasted birds into the greenhouse. Spoiled little birdies! I did this last year with a huge cold snap that hit in November. These guys are too big of idiots sometimes for their own good. They were provided tents, with heat lamps, to go under when it rained, or when it got really cold. But they never used them. To beat them at their own game, we moved them to the greenhouse last year to FORCE them under shelter.

But it's perfect! They still get bugs and grasses, and other plants. It's a super lush paradise in there! And it keeps them out of the rain and snow. One of the more difficult things about raising birds this time of year is that the cold weather stunts their growth. They spend all their energy staying warm, and not growing larger. That's fine for a full sized bird, like our egg layers. But, especially since my turkeys are younger this year, I still need growth even in this cold season.

Just one month to go, boys and girls! Stay dry and warm, and eat eat eat!